Despite all the problems, I'm still (mostly) having fun

Now, granted, I don’t play the game every day. I work a lot and have Elden Ring to beat, but I still (mostly) have fun when I do play.

There are problems! Dont get me wrong, there are a lot of problems. The battle pass needs work, the way challeges are implimented needs work, more maps (it seems like Season 2 will add some), and more variety in the playlists. I’m not going to bring up the technical issues people have because for one, I don’t encounter them that much and two, people have talked about them enough and I don’t have anything new to add.

In short, there are DEFINITELY problems. And they need addressing sooner rather than later. But by and large, I’m still having fun with it. For now at least. If stuff doesn’t get better, that might change.

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