Desperate - Help Please!

There’s a sophisticated technical term which describes my console FPS game skill set…I SUCK!! But I’m also stubborn, and I’m going to keep playing Halo 4 and try to get better.

I want to practice (and do) but the problem is…I really can’t put my finger on a single thing (or two or three things) that will make me at least an average player. I have the strategy guide, and a lot of the help is good. Knowing the maps I’m sure helps. And I know I’m bad at aiming. But I wish I could establish a thing or two that I really need to focus on to become at least an average player. I’d like to know I’m putting my time and effort into practicing the right things, instead of just feeling like I’m groping around repeating all the same mistakes. Would a certain loadout help? Concentrate on improving certain button/joystick skills? Anything to give me some focus instead of this helpless feeling I have now.

Any thoughts/recommendations will be much appreciated.

Play Spops on Heroic. It gives you a decent challenge and helps you improve aim.

As for loadouts, try putting the Br in them. Its spread helps score a couple of headshots.

And try to learn how far a grenade goes when you throw it, that will help.

Watch videos of better players on youtube. It helped me alot.

If your aim is bad, use the Assault Rifle more and equip the “resupply” ability to allow you to pick up more grenades (I’d recommend frags). The key from then on is playing smarter, sticking to your own engagement range to make sure the AR is effective, and getting the drop on enemies. Nading an enemy player is often the best way to start a fight, since you either force them into cover or lower their shields.

Don’t bother burst firing with the AR, just stick to close ranges. If you’re playing BTB, use enclosed areas to traverse the map, like the caves on Ragnarok and Meltdown. If you find yourself in the open, sprint to cover, regardless of whether or not you’re being attacked.

I’d also encourage you to practice your aim in Octagon 1v1 matches in custom games, since being effective with precision weapons is key, but until then, the strategy above can work well for small-team games.

(just curious, what sensitivity do you play on?)

Go into Forge with a guest or two and drop every weapon. Then proceed to test them all out, get a feel for them if you will. Next your going to want to run a few campaign levels, or maybe a few SpOps levels, just to help out your aiming get a feel for moving around for example sprinting and jumping around.

You said you have the guide book so that will be good for learning the maps, however I urge you to play through each map in forge and get a proper visual look and feel for the map, the pictures and text in the book can only shed so much light.

Lastly for your loadout your probably going to want to use the DMR, should put you on an equal level in terms of weapons at least. Also I recommend the Shielding perk (Which will reduce your shield charge time by a about a second and a bit) and either the Dexterity perk (Makes you reload faster) or the Explosives perk. (Makes you take less damage from explosives and cause more damage with yours.)

All the best to you.

A low sensitivity helps A LOT. Also play defensively, play to live not to get kills.

> A low sensitivity helps A LOT. Also play defensively, play to live not to get kills.

THIS. And yeah use battle rifles or assault rifles for cqc. Over time with practice, your aim will get better and you will have more kills and kills.

Try not to worry about how bad your aim is and try to focus more on what is causing you to die. It could be you rush in to quickly or you are not aware of the opponents positions.

Many players just stay in a straight line or don’t move at all when they are being shot at which gets them killed quickly. Try to at the very least move at some sort of an angle when you are shooting.

How does one suck at Halo 4, I don’t even…

  1. Use the DMR.

  2. Pick a sensitivity that feels right.

  3. Use Promothean Vision or Jetpack. Easy to use and very effective.

  4. Don’t round a corner carelessly if an enemy is around it, they could have a shotgun, energy sword, etc. This is where Promethean Vision comes in.

  5. Avoid using vehicles. They are weak in this game.

  6. Don’t use the Plasma Pistol unless you are up against vehicles. The Magnum is good when paired with Automatics, the Boltshot is good when paired with Precision Weapons.

  7. Hold positions that give you an advantage over your opponent.

But anyways, you still have my respect for wanting to improve instead of being some casual who demands the game change for him.

What I do is watch MLG gameplay when I need help. Try aiming for the head when you get head shots the enemy goes down faster (if you’re using a precision weapon, use precision weapons as your primary in your loadout BR, DMR, or Covenant Carbine will all do fine if you learn to use them to your advantage. Low sensitivity is good, so you can work your way up to a higher one. Using bumper jumper could help to the controls are different, but I’ve preferred it over the default controls since Halo 3. Try not to go into every match alone, try to play with friends or other competitive gamers that you meet with and work with them and make yourself better as you climb the charts. Do not rush all the time, try to stay back and defend a base while using the scenery to your advantage. Also, there are tips on too.


You suck?

Stop. Playing clever won’t help you; Not when, even though the other player is one shot, you aren’t landing any damage on them.

Anybody above me who said ‘Play clever! Do this! Do that!’ is WRONG. Take it from a person who sucked as well. And now? I’m number 1 on the leaderboards nearly every game. :smiley:

Here’s what you do.

Put down the controller. Breath in. Breath out. Ignore the fact your stats are about to sink so much that in the future, when a person who sucks with a negative k/d sees yours and wants a tiny little bit of satisfication, and challenge you to a 1v1, you’ll beat them SO BAD, they’ll cry.

Then pick up the controller. Pick Big Team Battle.

Sit behind cover. Use a DMR. And just aim, and shoot. Start with a 3 sensitivity.

Shoot the crap out of people. Just shoot. Don’t think about shooting;Don’t think about aiming. Just shoot. And then you will find out: What is the best way for YOU to shoot? Is it to dragscope? To move the reticule along with the body? To do small flicks so every time you shoot a bullet the reticule is on the player? You learn it.

Then, once you learn it, you practice. How?

You start moving around behind your cover. Use a DMR. And just aim, and shoot.

Do it. For a long time, do this. And then, one day, you will stop. You will put down the controller. And you will realize, ‘Hey! I can aim now!’ And then, you move up one sensitivity. And you do it all over again. Why? Because as the sensitivity increases, so too does your skill level. Aiming becomes muscle memory; There is no thought involved for me to aim at a head and 5 shot someone. There is only the trigger and the right stick. Want a low sensitivity? Sure! But you will have to move your stick much more. And then you think less.

Think. Are you good enough with aiming? If the answer is, “Hey! I can kill moving targets who aren’t shooting back at me!”

And then, when you do that, THEN what the people above me are saying will be correct. You can start playing clever; Slowly, you adapt to other people hitting you when you shoot back. You learn to stop that from happening with cover. You learn to select yoru targets.

Above me yes that is very true. But @GRIZ, you also need to know how to strafe while shooting a moving target and how to keep your accuracy while doing so. If you know how to properly then you will destroy most players easily. Use weapons like the DMR, BR, and Carbine. Not the LR, not yet, use it when you get better. As time and time passes, you will become a better player. Not everyone is born naturally a good player. They have to learn first then they practice and then they become great.

Wow. I’ve only scanned the replies so far. (I’ll read them VERY closely later.) But I wanted to thank you guys…I can already see it’s just the kind of information I’ve been looking for! :^)

If you want to be better, add my gamertag Son1ic and play with us in custom games.

This is incredible. Better than I could have expected. Now I’ll see how bad I really suck, because I’m gonna try this. And I’m gonna do it knowing it will take time.

I have to call out of couple of you specifically…

JL1223 - What you’re describing just FEELS right. I’m going to change my mindset and simply learn to aim…as long as it takes. Then move on. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ramir3z77 - Your final comment is very kind and much appreciated. I’m a gamer at heart. And even when I suck, I know a good game when I see one and wouldn’t want it to be dragged down to accommodate me. :slight_smile:

All you others - I appreciate every comment. I’ve made myself a ‘tips’ file (Yeah…I’m a bit -Yoink!--retentive!! LOL!) and everyone of you is in it. ) I’ll be referring to it often.

Thanks again everyone…I have new hope! Now off to “just aim and shoot the crap out of people” for a while! Oh yeah…I feel it already! Who gives a crap about the k/d ratio?!? (At least for now…heheh.)