Despawning Objects

Objects can spawn after a certain amount of time. Objects should be able to despawn (disappear) after a certain amount of time. In Halo: Reach despawning is only possible in Invasion and Action Sack. Instead, it should be available in all game modes. It is a simple request that will open a lot of opportunities.

Agreed. I don’t see why you can’t do this already.

I’d love to see timed despawning in Halo 4 as an official feature, and I’d also love to see it in Halo: Reach as a hack.

Which 343 could totally do. They could edit all gametypes to respond to a “DESPAWN_TIME” label, and make it os that when you put that on an object, it despawns (Spawn Sequence) seconds after it (re)spawns. They’d just have to copy the despawning code from Invasion.

Mmm indeed. Initially we were told in a Forge FAQ before the game released that despawning didn’t exist, so naturally, I was amazed by the Invasion gametype. If it is too late to implement despawns in Halo: Reach, I would love if this could be added for Halo 4.

Switches that despawn/respawn objects would be sweet.

I remember Jeremiah was answering questions back over in the seventh colomn before Reach launched, someone asked this and he responded

“Thats a really good feature. Wish we had thought of that, I can see how it would be useful.”

It would work well with switches, it would make it very easy to make doors.