Desolation and Tombstone - Halo 2 Classic

Hello all!! New to these forums and eagerly awaiting The Master Chief Collection.

Quick question…are the classic Halo 2 maps Desolation and Tombstone definitely in the collection? It’s obvious that Halo 1 and 2 is based off of the PC versions of the games…and those two maps weren’t in Halo 2 PC. Anyone have any idea and some sort of definite proof?

Warlock (Warlord)
Ascension (Zenith)
Coagulation (Bloodline)
Sanctuary (Shrine)
Zanzibar (Stonetown)
These are the maps being remastered.
Though every map for every single game will be available in its original form.

They’re in.

All four games have every map that was officially released at launch, as DLC and on PC.

Every map ever.