Designing Halo 4

"A good map should have avenues of both horizontal and vertical movement. Horizontal travel is easy to accomplish, walk in any direction.

Vertical movement is both easier and more difficult because of gravity. Traveling from high altitude to low is easy, walk off an edge and fall. Attempting to move from low to high is the hard part. Halo has jump, crouch jump, buddy jump, brute shot/concussion rifle jump, and grenade jump. Adding to the jump options could be thrust jump. Seeing as how sprint is just faster running, thrust jump is just higher jumping. Sprint in H4 gradually drains and recharges, like in Reach. Thrust jump will knock a chunk off of sprint’s remaining usage meter, say half.

These two movement options, sprint and thrust, give the player the ability to get somewhere fast. A well designed map should present the player with options for fast travel, both horizontally and vertically, and let the player decide which route he wishes to take. Since both of these movement options drain the same meter players are forced to choose between fast horizontal or fast vertical movement.

Not only do these two additional movement options require no more buttons than a Reach configuration with sprint (thrust would be mapped to the jump button and be activating by jumping then pressing jump again while in the air) but they fill the role of the two most gameplay benefitting armor abilities: sprint and a massively nerfed jetpack.

By giving everyone sprint and a massively nerfed jetpack off spawn we have removed loadouts. Everyone spawns with these two abilities so everyone is on equal footing at the start of the game. Let’s give them the chance to specialize again. Equipment placed on the map as pickups will allow players to gain advantages over other players as well as act as incentives to move in a certain direction, horizontally or vertically, using your built in sprint or thrust pack.

Equipment is not the only incentive, drawing players toward it, on the maps. Power weapons, heavy weapons, power ups, special grenades, special ammo, and special armor pieces would also be placed on the map. By expanding the available selection of map pickups from just weapons and standard grenades, like Reach, it is possible to create an amazing utility weapon, like the zero bloom DMR, that players don’t want to drop. You’re always carrying your utility weapon and possibly carrying a niche power weapon in addition to it. Once you get your power weapon secondary you can still go after map pick ups that are not power weapons.

Obtaining these map pick ups can give players an advantage. Team work can also give teams an advantage. Maps would have interactive items on the them. These interactive items could be placed in a way to promote team work, encouraging one player to active a button that helps his team mate obtain a map pick up. Maps would be dynamic, not just for helping team mates, but altering the flow of the game like opening the teleporter on Relic or the gate on Last Resort. This allows for evolving gameplay where the best strategy changes depending on how the map is currently set up."

Assuming you are quoting from someone from 343 Industries.