Design and QoL - Out of touch

As much as I have been enjoying the gameplay of Infinite, some of the design choices and lack of Quality of Life baffles me still.

More playlists were finally added with the focus being on Slayer as many people wanted. But for those who enjoy solely objective game types are still stuck with Slayer, especially BTB.

Not only that, if you are trying to get the weekly challenges done, you are now restricted to a playlist that you don’t enjoy playing and even a challenge swap can’t fix that because it is locked to that playlist or game mode.

Sick of not being able to tag things out to my friends purely because we aren’t in the same fireteam in game but were initially in a fireteam to get into the game in the first place.

When joining a lobby, you can’t see who the other players are in a list before the game starts like in other Halo games. You can’t mute obnoxious people because there is no indicator telling you who is talking. You can’t report bad behaviour.

You had a lot of functionality that could have been ported from previous games into Infinite but instead it was just stripped back.

As someone who has played this since the multiplayer dropped, I feel they only change things when people are yelling loud enough and in large quantities. It’s quite frankly frustrating and disappointing that it has to get to that stage.


The quality-of-life in this game is definitely rubbish. Not to mention all the the times my game crashes while trying to load into a match, how long it takes for the Battle Pass, Playlist information, or the Store to load is annoying; and even in-game, certain mechanics feel incredibly inconsistent.

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It’s a case of one step forward, two steps back for me. I get that is hard when people backlash constantly but I do feel most of it is within reason. Everything is just this volatile reactive melting pot of frustration. Would like it if the time was just taken to sit down and actually think about the processes and design that need to go into this to get the game up to scratch and polish it off. This should have been the case from the start.