Describe your characters in the halo universe

Describe your character’s race gear, armor (you don’t half-to use skins that are restricted to armors such as Recruit Proven), weapons (you don’t half-to use skins on weapons like the Norfang), personality, team if you have one, and a bit about your spartan, order it how you like but im using an old post i saw on another site a while back that i liked. (don’t know the site so i cant link to it sorry, but I’ll up-lode my template in a min.)

Code name:(if you have one)
First name:
Last name:(you don’t need this if you are a spartan because they are addressed first name-spartan code format such as=Bob R-123)
Spartan number:(if spartan)
Rank:(if you have one)
Combat role:
Primary weapon:(if you have one)
Secondary weapon:(if you have one)
Armor upgrades:(if spartan)
Helmet: (if you have one)
Visor:(if you have one)
Armor color:

Hey OP, we already have a topic for this in the Universe Section :slight_smile: