Descoping needs to go

Old and archaic feature that needs to go away. There’s nothing fun about trying to snipe and then 1 random bullet from 100 miles away clips you and takes you out of acope because the person from the other side of the map can see the “scope glint” thats brighter than the sun.


It’s also not fun getting easily sniped because the person never gets descoped.


Then add flinch? Or don’t run out in the open? I’d rather have flinch over getting randomly descoped by someone who wasn’t even shooting at me.

Sniper is a power weapon, it shouldn’t have so many drawbacks.

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they had flintch in h4 and got a huge amount of backlash. Flintch really doesnt work its very easy to manage and it only worked when you got hit by a sniper. So yeah you will be wasting your time here tryig to change the minds of people.
People want the descope so yeah it is a halo mechanic.


That’s the point…if you can manage the flinch then you deserve the kill. Descoping is just spray and pray and completely negates the sniper, especially in this trash game where the sniper has bloom for some dumb reason when you’re not scoped.

Why does a power weapon have descope, scope glint, a bullet trail and bloom when not scoped? All because it can headshot? Big whoop. I can mangler/BR you just as fast and the mangler respawns like every 30 seconds.

Sniper is a power weapon and it should be treated as such. Descope has always been a horrid mechanic.

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Yeah no.
the scope glint i agree. no one want it.
The descope just give you a thing to just fight back who has a power weapon.
You can always no-scope.


No scope has bloom…it makes the shot random.

No it doesn’t


If the sniper was any good their target wouldn’t get the chance to shoot back.

Not me of course. I’m the guy lying on the ground wondering where the -yoink- that came from. This time.


No thanks, get rid of the bright-as-the-sun glint though.


i dont really see de-scoping as a problem but maybe an option to turn it off would work for you.

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Descoping is fine. The scope glint is the thing which pisses me off to high heavens.


Desocping has been a staple part of halo since the beginning and it is used to balance certain weapons
The only instance of no descope in halo was H4 descope was removed and replaced with finch…and it was recieved so poorly and preformed so badly in halo that it lasted 4 months before being removed by 343
Stop trying to make halo something else other than halo


Halo had a perfect sniper and noone knows why 343 just doesn’t copy it. The thing just worked in H3…


I dunno man, H3’s sniper has always been inconsistent for me.

I dunno if it was the net code, hitscan, or a combination of both in Reach but the Sniper was so easy to use in that game.

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Got’cha so you have no clue what you’re talking about at all.



I’m fairly certain the sniper no-scope nerfs were meant to hinder the kb/m player’s near-broken advantage wielding it in that way, as seen in MCC and Eldewrito. There’s a reason most pc games have some artificial restriction for a sniper’s no-scope effectiveness, and for Infinite to be a legitimate pc game I suppose it had to be done.

Descope needs to say. Great mechanic. Be a better sniper and you don’t have to worry about it.


As if the aim-resist that actively pushes the reticle away from the hitbox when hipfiring wasn’t bad enough.

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While it would be tough to make work perhaps make it so you only descope if the bullet came from close range, not entirely sure what that range should be though, make it so you don’t descope but your sight moves due to taking fire. If the shots are from the front it throws your site up, from the back it moves down, hit from the left it moves your site left ect…

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