Quick note: I’m not saying remove descope from 5, its likely to late for that, but to not implement it in future titles.

Descope is just really irritating. The only thing it should be on is sniper rifles if anything at all.

The main problem is that even if your finger is still on the trigger, descope still affects your sensitivity.
It actually can take away the thought and skill in the game (before you post a comment, let me explain). Ignoring the armor mod and Linda’s sniper rifle Nornfang, you cannot see the tracker when scoped in. You need to exit the scope to check it, which is something players worried about their flank will do, but if someone is too focused on someone in front of them, they wont descope to check. If you flank them and start firing on them, they are forced out of the scope, and then twitch reaction turning and firing happens. No skill involved in reacting to getting shot at. If you are not forced out of descope, some players who are way to focused on their current target will not attempt to defend themselves. One specific time comes to mind, when i almost dropped some guy using the sniper variant that doesn’t descope. He was so focused on his target that he didn’t realize he was about to die. I cant remember how he managed to escape, but he was close enough to death that I was satisfied with the shots i landed. Had he been using another weapon that descoped, he simply would have hit B without thinking about it and cowered behind cover. Weapon balance is also completely thrown out the window with descope.

Non precision weapons are at a significant disadvantage when you are hip firing. Your accuracy is decreased and you are at the mercy of the fully bloomed crosshairs, meanwhile, someone with a DMR, Carbine, BR, Pistol, is not affected adversely accuracy wise via descope, only the penalty to red redicule range, which doesn’t matter in this scenario. No matter how skilled you aim your weapon (Auto weapons require skill, despite what some people may think, but thats a topic for another time), if both you and your opponent have the redicule centered on each other, the person with the precision weapon will win. For other weapons like the Hydra and the Light rifle, they become effectively worthless if not using smart link. The Hydra cannot lock on, and the light rifle not only loses its 3 shot kill ability, but also the ability to achieve perfect kills. (And also its subjectively more awesome firing sound) When not scoped in, the lightrifle takes 4 shots to kill. The game does not consider a 4 shot kill a perfect kill though, cheating players out of medals.

Probably the second most important reason why it should be gone is there is no reason for it to exist in the first place. There is no single objective reason why descope is enforced other than it has been in all previous games besides 4. Any arguments about it affecting balance can be countered with changes to the game to negate any unbalanced side effects of no descope. I cant think of a single time when I was taken out of the scope and though,“Man I love this feature.” Its either something thats a minor inconvenience, or something that removes my own personal skill from the equation, and causes me to miss my shot through external forces I have no control over.

What are your guys’ thoughts on descope, is it good, bad, why?

I love descope. Remember the endless BR/DMR/Carbine/LR battles that were present in Halo 4? That was, in large part, because there was no descope. I don’t want to go there again.

I love the fact that someone being fired at from a distance can fight back after being hit first if he can land a shot and disrupt a shooter that was scoped in.

In Halo 4, it was very difficult to counter fire successfully against a mid-long range shooter.

If I’m running and I spot a sniper camping near the crates on March On Stormbreak (Like they always do) I want to be able to stop him, I want to fight back. Descope is a part of halo, if you get shot, your going to get jarred out of scoping.

I don’t like it, but it’s one of those mechanics that the community values so much that it won’t go anywhere.

I prefer it to be honest. Descope helps your shots (sort of) against an enemy.

I have no strong feelings for or against it really.

I find it annoying sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me that much because it affects other people as well.

There’s a reason they brought it back after Halo 4… because the community likes it and without it breaks the core gameplay.

Descoping is part of the balance. H4s mechanic was just terrible

Descope makestrel the game so much fun because it’s more challenging that way I steamrolled over people In his book of it got tired of it to fast because it was to easy

Works for me

All the things you say are problems are actually good things.

By landing shots on an opponent you limit their range which gives you more room to flank, retreat or push leaving them with the option to either try to win the fight or to fall back.

Halo 4 didn’t have descope and there was far too much spammy, standoffish gunplay because of it. Just 2 people in cover spamming DMR’s at each other FOREVER.


No thanks OP, descope should have never left halo and I’m glad it’s back.

halo players like de-scoping

I’m not the biggest fan of it because any ranged battle turns into who saw who first (the essence of COD multiplayer). However, flinch isn’t the way to go. We shouldn’t have nothing but long ranged battles where nothing happens. That was incredibly boring in Halo 4. But I don’t know what else could be implemented instead of descope so until a new idea emerges that might work descope is the only option.

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> I’m not the biggest fan of it because any ranged battle turns into who saw who first (the essence of COD multiplayer).

In what shooter does the one who sees the other first NOT have the advantage?

The difference is in Halo, there is WAY more room to turn the turn the tides with skill, because even if they see you first, if you land more shots you have a chance to force them to back off, largely thanks to descope.

No! Descoping is a major part of halo gameplay, I was really mad when I found out all weapons had ADS but when I found out you would descope I was happy. I don’t mind ADS but only as long as you descope.

my hell please 343 do not take away descope. descope is sooooo much more competitive than no descope, more skill involved as well.

Descoping on anything other than a sniper rifle has always been an odd mechanic to me. I generally like flinch in games because when i shoot someone scoped in with flinch, theres a chance they will stay scoped in the futile hope of landing shots and thus get killed. With descope anyone with a brain will just boost/strafe around the corner and the firefigh ends with a bunch of wasted bullets :confused:

However, given how absolutelty atrocious ADS controls are in H5 i consider this a non-issue. With anything other than a sniper rifle you’ll get torn apart in warzone if you ads and in arena its just pointless due to the size of the play area.

Descoping represents suppressive fire, if you take out suppressive fire gunfights at range just become extremely obnoxious, The Descoping puts pressure on the shooter and can force him to disengage, instead of just standing there and tanking your shots and killing you because he shot first from an elevated position

he already has an advantage having shot first from range, and being shot at back isn’t really that dangerous to him since he can back out of the fight any time he wants.
Descoping is integral to giving infantry the ability to pressure an objective from range because it means you CAN suppress the opposition and move up.

in terms of 1v1 gunfights, it lessens pressure on you to both avoid shots and accurately land yours.

EDIT: If Halo had much less TTK, i’d agree descoping could probably be removed. But it’s not low enough to warrant that.