Descope has no place in this sandbox

Someone with the BR, AR, or Pistol should not be able to not just challenge, but effectively neutralize someone with precision weapons like the Commando, Sniper, or Shock Rifle at medium/long range

You (343) have buffed the assault rifle that you can effectively laser someone at mid range, you made the BR very close to being Hitscan compared to H3, and the Pistol outperforms the commando. But you need to take into account that a weapon still can land hits far beyond its effective range and you don’t need to be trying to kill someone just hit them to descope them.

Consider having the Sniper on Bohemoth near the vehicle spawns on the side and targeting an enemy with the BR at spawn. The enemy is too far in order to no scope so you have to zoom in, while the enemy with the BR does not due to the very high AA and large reticle. All they have to do is effortlessly look at you and spray while strafing, the AA and bullet magnetism will make sure that atleast 1 will hit and descope you. And you can’t do anything about it. You can’t no scope them and you can’t aim in because you keep taking damage. Someone should not be able to neutralize a sniper with the BR at a range the Sniper is supposed to have the advantage.

Im tired of the Sniper or Shock Rifle being good at picking off enemies that are paying attention but becoming nearly unusable the second someone fires back.

Unless you are playing BTB 99% of encounters take place on ranges like this and smaller.
I just had a situation on Streets where I picked up the Shock Rifle off the balcony and someone across the map attacked me with the BR, there was nothing I could do. If I popped out of cover there AA would automatically lock on to me and prevent me from scoping in. I couldn’t engage. An then there is the M&K players that can just flick with pinpoint accuracy and just instant kill every time. This is not Balanced.

The commando is the worst offender. Who thought a making a precision long range weapon automatic was a good Idea? Do you think the enemy is just going to stand there as you slowly unload because of the recoil you have to tap the trigger? By the time you get 3 shots at anyone at a distance with this gun they descope you. If someone if using a commando against you at long range literally just spray your assault rifle at them. At least 1 shot will hit and they are descaled… Problem solved. Because they don’t actually hav to be trying to kill you, and they don’t have to scope in. You do.

This is the problem. When a weapon is designed to specialize at a certain distance, using it in its intended distance should give you an advantage, not make you more vulnerable.


Sorry but no.

20 char.


I think you have some fair points here.
Descope was less problematic in the older games, but it does have part in a balancing issue in Infinite.
It damages the separation of weapon roles by making close range weapons better at longer ranges and long range weapons worse at long ranges.
Putting non-descopable ADS on every singe weapon makes this issue even more apparent. Weapons that are supposed to be close ranged can not be de-scoped and weapons that are supposed to be long range can be. It goes against the point of “tool for the job”.

On 4v4 I don’t even bother picking up weapons like the BR because the AR both kills faster and is way easier to use.

Either removing de-scope or removing ADS from non-scoped weapons could potentially improve those balancing issues.


Descope is a pretty necessary balancing tool to stop longer range weapons winning every single time. Also BR battles over distance are more balanced by it. If you didn’t descope almost always whoever shoots first would win.


I definitely isn’t necessary anymore in this sandbox and I explained why it isn’t balancing. Did you read my comment or are you responding based on the title?

Weapons like the BR and AS were buffed and now now extended effective range that they are encroaching on snipers territory

Without Descope they wouldn’t win every time. But they would have a flair chance which they currently don’t.

Do you not see the irony of what your saying? Its doing the exact opposite. Descope insures that who ever shoots first will win in BR battles over distance because one getting shot will be descoped and will not be able to fight back effectively.

And there is the problem. Unlike the BR which still can fire from the hit quite effectively due to large AA, reticle, and bullet magnetism, the sniper cant no scope effectively at a distance because the reticle is tiny, no AA, and no magnetism, you are supposed to scope in, but are being prohibited. You are more vulnerable using a weapon as intended than you are using a weapon that is not intended for long range, at long range.


yes, it has, between the ground pound and the spartan charge. LOL

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This. I don’t understand this obsession with giving short range guns more range. If player want to fight an enemy at a longer range, then find a longer ranged gun. The AR’s problem has always been that it wasn’t strong enough in its effective range to beat a BR. And that could have been solved with damage increase, ttk reduction, rate of fire increase, or even a magazine increase.


I’ve always thought descoping was a dumb mechanic, but I’d have less issues with it if scope glint didn’t exist. Most of the scope glints are basically miniature suns.


Completely agree. A buff in damage rather than range would have been a way better solution to make it useful without harming the sandbox.
It’s maybe possible the de-scope would then feel less problematic. And like the comment above me pointed out, the removal of glint could also possibly help

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Scope glint is friggn’ stupid. The whole point is to let the target know someone is about to snipe them so they can react. Ok. But the glint is so bright that:

  1. EVERYONE on the map sees you and starts shooting back
  2. The target can even counter sniped because the glint obscures their entire body. I’m almost GLAD team snipers isn’t in the game yet because of this.

Even worse is that half the guns with glint don’t even need it.

  • The BR doesn’t have the range or damage to justify in it.
  • The Commando is even worse and is borderline a close range gun.
  • The Stalker Rifle is just a light rifle with a better scope. A 3-shot headshot does not warrant a scope glint.
  • The Hydra is a 4-shot kill with slow projectiles and limited lock-on range. It. Does. Not. Need. It. And even if it didn’t how are you gonna dodge a hydra and counter shoot a hydra, a gun that DOESN’T descope?

Which bring me to my final gripe: The Skewer, Stalker Rifle, and the Hydra all have red glints (aka: I don’t know what heck is being aimed at me). Worse, you need to react to each one differently:

  • Skewer: Counter shoot to de-scope, or get evasive and hope they miss.
  • Hydra: Run for cover
  • Stalker Rifle: Counter shoot to de-scope or get in close

And none of this would be a problem if every gun didn’t have glint.


This is a non issue. Descope is how it should be.


Descope is not the problem. The gun flinching ASWELL as descoping is the problem. In old Halos you got descoped but you were still aiming exactly where you were when scoped in, so for someone with good aim descoping was something that didnt throw them off very much. BUT NOW it throws your weapon to the side, up, down aswell as descoping so it doesnt matter how good your aim is. Combine that with bloom and the RNG of hipfire on snipers and its just a mess.


Descope is a valid mechanic. Remove the dumb glare.

You scope with anything and everyone knows your house number, what you ate for lunch, and the girl you had a crush on in 5th grade.


Its funny that you make it sound like descope is the problem when the substance of your post makes it clear that the absurd aim assist and magnetism is the real issue.

And I would add along with the issues that certain weapons can’t be descoped(and its questionable they even have the ability to zoom in in the first place) and the sniper rifle has bloom for complete nonsense reasons and the Reach style bloom makes the Commando useless(and the Sidekick also sucks for the same reason)

Oh and and to top it all off we have extremely hyperbolic claims about the abilities of MnK players when we know for a fact controller players have an accuracy advantage.

Tl:DR Descope is not the problem, the “core” sandbox design and balance just sucks.

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It doesn’t help that when you ads a sniper it’s like shining a spotlight on you opponents. They need to remove scope glow for all weapons and that should make descoping less of an issue. This push fro hyper-visibility in this game is ruining it. Player outlines glow so bright from across the map it’s impossible to go unnoticed.


-To be clear I’m only talking about HALO INFINITE and this is only my opinion-

I think you raise some decent points. personally I have no issue with de-scope or flinch, glint I think is stupid in any game but understand the reasoning (as a balancing mechanic). i think all of those mechanics are good for balancing. the issue I have is when you have all of them at once.

now to clarify I’m not sure if infinite has flinch problems or if your un-scoped sensitivity and aim acceleration are implemented too aggressively when de-scoped causing massive over aim in whatever direction you were imputing, especially when going from higher zoom levels like on the S7.

with regards to glint and de-scope, I would be happy with either in blanket application but not both (blanket being just general across the board application). with the BR, commando and the sidekick (which I consider all precision weapons), I mostly only use these weapons in hip fire as in my opinion they can be accurately fired at their peak ranges from the hip, only really needing to ADS when shooting beyond that or in unique circumstances. so I don’t really notice de-scope as an issue with those weapons. Glint however is a worthless mechanic in my opinion. it would be cool on some weapons like the hydra having a red light exclusively when it’s in targeting mode or maybe on the skewer something similar to the binary rifle. but for most weapons including the S7 I think glint is a stupid mechanic. people don’t need their hand held that badly and told “hey did you see this guy scoped in? You know the guy that’s already outlined in a bright neon highlight?” there is no point in a sniper trying to get an advantageous position anymore because once in it, no matter how good or sneaky your position is then telegraphed to everyone who will panic spray at you with whatever they have and de-scope you. sure you can try and peak a corner to line up a shot and pre-scope before re-peaking but that doesn’t work every time especially if they’re already watching your position because they saw your 40million lumin scope glint. So I think there are a couple of things that could be done in my opinion.

Firstly I think removing de-scope is an option IF you keep glint as mid to long range BR, Commado and pistol fights won’t really change as anyone decent hipfires them anyway to avoid de-scope IN MY OPINION. but I think it isn’t really the best option as it IS a part of halo.

Secondly I think just remove scope glint entirely or applying it very sparingly like in the examples I gave. this will solve a lot of issues an will minimise how much you feel like you’re being serious-scoped because you won’t just be lit up by cross map ARs immediately, so this should make gameplay feel smooth and make De-scope feel like a less intrusive mechanic. Also people will have to actually look for your bullet trail to discern your position when using the S7 for example. i think this is probably the best option but I’m also biased because I hate glint and think it’s stupid in almost any capacity on any game. (If in 2552 humanity still has scope glare we lose to the covenant 100% XD)

Finally I think possibly the least game changing option is to stop de-scope when a weapon is shooting outside it’s effective range, de-scope could only be an effect of taking damage from a weapon that hasn’t been affected by damage fall off over range. so a AR or pistol can’t de-scope you from across the map and encouraging teamwork and subtle mechanics like suppression. This would allow all current mechanics to stay but would hopefully solve the issue of feeling like de-scope is too intrusive and aggressive. but I think this is also the least effective option as on any map that isn’t a BTB map you would most likely be within the effective range of most if not all weapons.

-Again I’m only talking about HALO INFINITE. if you read all that thanks for reading, again it’s all just my opinion as to what I think could improve the gameplay of HALO INFINITE’s multiplayer-


Can’t have both descope and glint. Period. One must go. Even the stalker and sniper have trails. You can see what direction it’s being fired from. There’s just too many things that do not favor long range. It’s not fun and not fair in balance. If glint doesn’t get removed then make the glare much smaller, and only the person’s in the scope can see the glare.


Sounds like someone just has to get better at the game.


On the contrary, it do.

Remove ADS and make guns projectile based and all of your issues are solved.

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