I’ve got deranked back to lvl 1. No prob by me as long as I get the blitz packs for levelling up. The question is am I gonna get those packs? Currently am at 800xp lv1 but I have to go work so I’m not gonna find out till the night.

Sometimes it’s a loading glitch, I think you’ll have whatever level you were at back soon.

Same happened to me. Exit and quit the game, when you load it back up it will be fixed

Thx for the replies guys, played a couple of games, got lvl 2, no pack given, i turned it off and now I am back to 50. Any hope for 49 packs has gone for eva. Damn.

Yeah having the same problem I ranked 36 and now it’s says I’m rank 1 and that I’ve never played the game. I’ve restarted the game and everything but still no joy. I just played a game online but I’m not even receiving any xp ?

Please don’t revive old topics thanks