Derank is broken

I wanna start off by saying this isn’t a hate thread. I love Halo 5 but the ranking system is honestly unfair. Yesterday I was playing some 4v4 with friends trying to get my diamond. We were winning every match but one game before I would have had diamond the servers started misbehaving and I was lagged out of four consecutive games. (Problem with dedicated server error) That took me from platinum 6 all the way down to platinum 4, so out of frustration I quit for the day. The next day I try to hop on and first game my whole team quits on me. Moral of the story, if the disconnect is server side, you shouldn’t be deranked, and if your whole team quits and you decide to stick it out, you most certainly shouldn’t get deranked. It’s ridiculous considering I would be diamond right now on my way to onyx if it wasn’t for this.

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