Department of Defense Recruting

We are fun loving, disciplined, and competitive, and we have been around since the beginning of Halo: Reach. We are a professional Military clan, and we also participate in competitive 4v4, 8v8, and MLG battles. There are three branches in the clan.

`The Department of Defense Army is the main branch of DoD. The Army is the ground force and the main infantry in DoD. The Army is the first branch to call when there is a raid happening, and the Army specializes in vehicle warfare and infantry warfare. The Army is the largest branch in DoD, and is lead by Syndrome I. Most Recruits join the Army to gain experience and rise in the ranks of the clan. The Army is a highly active branch, and have training’s regularly. The Army also is the branch to go if you are new to clans and want experience of a new clan. The DoD Army is relentless, and always fights with honor and heart. In the Army, you are not just another member, you are a DoD soldier.

National Guard
The Department of Defense National Guard is the guard force of DoD. The National Guard is responsible for guarding and protecting the leaders and important officers of DoD. Joining the National Guard is a prestigious honor and is highly respectable, and the National Guard is lead by Equation Y. To join the National Guard, you must be in DoD for a mimimum of 3 weeks, and must pass a National Guard Entry Test. National Guards are required at meetings, votings, and trainings as to ensure protection in case of an emergency.

The Army Rangers are part of the Army. They are the most skilled members of DoD, and carry out the most secretive missions. They are highly skilled in every area.

To join, visit the website