Demote 'Sweat Equity' from Gold challenge

Granted this is probably primarily a non-America issue (I assume anyway), but it’s especially bigger now that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is out and a lot of people moved there. The ‘Sweat Equity’ challenge I’m not gonna act like is a particularly hard one to complete, I mean it’s just two competitive games, I’m not so bad that I can’t manage to pull my own and/or be carried by a team of even better people or whatever. But my god, for a single reward point, I’ve been sitting in a queue for at least 4 of the playlists I have some slight interest in for at least 30 minutes each, the first of which that I tried I sat in for two hours watching an entire movie on the side before I tried another playlist.
And this is the first day of the weekly rotation, where you’d think people would be playing these playlists most. If the idea is that it being a challenge would draw more people into playing competitive, it’s not working out too well.

Honestly I hate the challenge to get 10 Objective medals in matchmaking even more, but I can at least get games relating to those in Social. Competitive games are just becoming an increased annoyance of sitting in ridiculously long searches to a point where I feel entirely demotivated to even try getting the challenge.
But at the same time I feel compelled to anyway just because 20th Anniversary Exchange items, I’d rather just keep points stocked up, I’ll take any and all points I can get.

These search times are incredibly unreasonable for non-American people, and even games we get into are plagued with lag, and I really don’t wanna keep listening to people -Yoink!- about my performance in their ultra serious game just because I’m forcefully handicapped, which may or may not (most time not) contributed to a loss, wherein I’m forced to undergo that long search again for a new game just to HOPE for my couple of wins.

I’d honestly rather do an annoyingly grindy challenge every week. Like out of what’s currently there, I’d do Spray ‘n’ Play each week for a point. God knows it actually is challenging sometimes to kill with automatic weapons in so many BR riddled games!


As an American player Ive also noticed the up tick in queue times. Before Infinite my group would usually knock it out in Squad slayer, but for 2 weeks in a row the playlist has been empty. It probably doesn’t help that our ranks are in the 18-23 range. The only ranked playlist I’ve been able to find a game in is in the H3 team slayer playlist.


Just so you know, there’s no benefit for getting xp in this game. Xp doesn’t equate to actual skill by any means - you could play 10000 games and lose every one yet still rank up. Just ignore the ranked challenges as they offer no rewards in and of themselves; if you have friends that are good sure, play those playlists to rank up but otherwise simply ignore them.

Same here. The queue times are getting longer for me too. And the only competitive playlist I even play anymore is H3 team slayer, which is fun, but I’d rather player Reach competitive.

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I made a small poll about it a few weeks ago and the majority wanted it gone.


Yeah, so another week of this, the only playlist I can seem to get games in at all is Invasion, and that’s after at least 15 minutes of waiting. Until I get a string of games going, but then that’s only because I’m put against premade teams outranking me so -Yoink!- hard that it inevitably makes the game I just played a colossal waste of time. In the sense that I’m continuously teamed up with the same people who apparently recognise the players of the other team heavily outranking us, and quit immediately to just really cement that loss. So you know… THANKS MATCHMAKING.
I’d much rather try to knock these two games out in H4 Squad Battle (especially with the other challenge to play 7 games of 4 or 2A), or even H3 Team Slayer, but I sat in queues for them for, I kid you not, two to three hours each waiting for a game. I practically knocked out watching an entire season of a show on the side in that time. Invasion was quite literally my only option.

Now here’s the real kick in the balls. After 17 games of Invasion, I finally did gain a third win after so many losses and draws that apparently mean nothing for nobody. Yes I said third. For some ungodly reason my second win didn’t count. And just rubbing salt in the wound, neither did the third. Thought it was a delayed effect like I’ve previously had in the past where restarting the game would fix that, but no. Just ignore all that effort. I don’t know who the hell I apparently offended lately, but it is beyond cruel at this point that I had to suffer so many games of a broken mode with excruciatingly long wait times just to gain a single season point.
I’ve admittedly stupidly dedicated too damn much time to the game today just trying to get this one singular challenge done that I’ve grown to hate Invasion, and as an extension Reach, with a passion. I want to do negative things to whoever looked at how Invasion plays as a mode and said “Yes, this is fine.” And all criticisms of the mode that I’m keeping to myself aside, why is it a competitive playlist that, despite player count being low already, is currently being played the most?!

This challenge has ramped up in difficulty so hard for reasons that have nothing to do with actually playing the game to do it. It needs to be replaced. There is not a reasonable amount of people playing competitive to make it worth doing.

I have noticed longer wait times since infinite has launched. I still play a few matches of invasion every week but can understand the frustrations. I am a US based player. At one time this challenge was actually to complete ranked matches (3 or 4 I think) but what ended up happening is players would AFK for the challenge and not play so this has been changed to 2 ranked wins.

Yeah, I need to bring this topic back up. Two months later, it’s still an extremely annoying issue.
If I, and considerable amounts of others, have to sit in queues for 30+ minutes just to get a single game repeatedly for this challenge where I only have to win 2, where the only one that seems to actually have people playing is Invasion, which also has a DRAW condition that wastes everyones time since nobody wins, only for people to quit immediately…

Well that’s just not even really a ‘challenge’ in the sense that its supposed to be, and it certainly isn’t fun for anyone now is it?

For the sake of anyone obsessively collecting season points. This challenge, with this current number of players, NEEDS to go.

Rank 20 in Halo 4 Ranked Squad Battle, no platform or input restrictions enabled. Numerous times since Infinite’s campaign launch, I have queued 3 hours or more until I have been auto kicked from searching. Never been able to find a match.

RIP H4 Ranked MCC


Just so you know, there’s no need to complete these challenges. If by season points you are referring to the yellow and blue cubes, those are useless and do nothing. As far as I know they can only be redeemed for various “armor” that does nothing and has no effect whatsoever upon gameplay. As for exp gained that is also useless. Players with high ranks have simply just played a lot. Exp is gained even if you lose every single game albeit more slowly.

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Oh I remember you, you’re the guy that gets mildly toxic when people want to customize their character, then hysterical when people care about anything that doesn’t have an ingame effect.

Stop reading these topics, they clearly don’t apply to you


I’m not sure where you’re getting customization from…no matter what you do you can’t change how your in-game representation performs at all. Tinker with the armor, visor colors, nameplates, etc… all you want. None of that will have any impact upon any game you happen to be in. It’s all completely worthless.

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LOL kind of glad I let the mute expire on this guy :point_up_2:

He says this with no irony at all, bloody none.


Sorry to be the one to break it to you I guess? Granted, I admittedly wasted my Cr in Reach on the armor. I thought for sure that there would be a use for it…otherwise, why would it exist in the first place? After unlocking it all I realized it was all for nothing so I don’t even bother with it now. You should do the same. The various challenges available on MCC every week have no actual rewards associated with their completion.

I can find games during the good hours for H3, but in the last two I’ve had repeated suicide teammates or idling teammates, running into enemies on purpose without shooting… I agree the pop has become too low for H3 ranked to justify it being a challenge anymore unfortunately. When you do start to match on non hot hours for the US it’s literally the same 8 people over and over again. And if the other team is squadded up, there’s just no point in playing.

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100% agree, time to stop ranked challenges. Especially ones that count for season points. There is no longer a healthy player base to support this.

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I think all the challenges are fine as is…if any challenge needs changed it’s that get 25 assist in customs, that is a lame one. Ranked challenges can be tough, the only ranked games I can find is in H3 team Slayer and yeah it can be really tough to even get the two wins.

The challenges are getting incredibly repetitive with over half of them being exactly the same each week. Even the ones that change are only subtlety different. Maybe not retire sweat equity completely, but at least curate different challenges each week.

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What exactly are you getting out of the challenges? Exp means nothing as it only adds to “rank” which is simply a measure of how much you have played - it’s not skill-based. The yellow and blue cubes also mean nothing as they “unlock” completely useless things that will not affect gameplay in any way.

I feel like instead of sweat equity as a gold challenge they should have the get x kills with x weapon type challenges like ok boomer or spray n’ prey be the replacement as the gold challenge.

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