Demand refund - game's no longer what was promised

According to MS I’ve been able to play the game for a year since I bought it in oct 2018, but that’s a so not valid argument as to why they refuse to help me get a refund.
The game is now not at all what was promised and due to all the abysmal performance issues since three months back it’s unplayable. I bought a game with certain criteria having to be met, but now my product has been altered so it no longer represents what I was promised and I dare say it really is unplayable. I’m no longer in possession of the game I bought and I don’t have any way of getting it back. For that I demand a refund and so should everyone else. We bought a game. Not a subscription! This means that just because we’ve been able to play it for a certain amount of time they can’t change it into something completely different from what it was when we bought it. We might want to return to and play the game we all bought again. Bought it digitally I might add. So no - I can’t just re-install it.

Hey OP, 343 can’t assist you with refunds I’m afraid and it’s not anything we can help you with here. You would need to contact the retailer you purchased the game from, if that’s the MS / Xbox store then you would need to contact MS / XBL Support for help with that.