Demand for evaluation on 343's communicated quotes (see post)

nobody asked for free multiplayer. and its obviously just a way to swindle us out of money. those who pay for the campaign should receive the premium battle pass PERIOD. I will not pay another 10 bucks to unlock customization in a game I already own.

watch this video and tell me they were not misleading.

youtube (dot com) /watch?v=h4ATKxz9PFc

“we are coming at this from a player first mentality”…uses one of the most predatory freemium monetization scams as its leveling system

“a lot of our stuff is earned through playing the game and only playing the game”…locks about 80% of all rewards behind a pay wall, gives no xp for kills, headshots, flag captures or match wins.

I know this is a first world issue but the whole game industry should be taken to court for dishonest business practices, its obvious to me you are all spending less time making a good, balanced product to compete in the market and more time calculating how to milk the most amount of money out of your consumers for the least amount of work. Mark my words, there will be another video game crash and it will be because of this horrible trend you greedy developers are in. I say that knowing full well a lot of these intentionally evil decisions are made by the suits in the company while the creative people slave away to make something as best they can.

look at what has happened with so many others, most notable and recent being Bethesda, cd project red, and even Rockstar now, its a trend

first double speak, then the dishonest business practices, and finally fake apologies and maybe, finally a fix

its like a drug dealer who shorts you and then insults your intelligence by pretending it was an accident. “sorry fam, my scale must be broke, Ill hook you up next time”…then its off again the next time XD

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I really want 343 to succed with Infinite here. I really do. And I’m also really open to spend money like in f2p games like i.e. league. But that continous money flow comes with time.

Not by day 1. They managed to get a good cash payout as of today. I see alot of whales even skipping levels on the pass.
But the harsh truth is even tho they got some fully kitted ninjas running around right now, the active playerbase will go back to their main IP’s really quick.

This will just hurt the game so so much… Think of Battlefront, Destiny,… those games had so much potential but didnt reach levels like fortnite/league or cs.

Today, I started tracking steam’s ingame player counts for infinite. I saw a peak of 220k players some days ago! That was really cool to see! But now the peak is already at 140k. This is almost half of the players. And the more time goes by, the more these players will stay out forever, since its yet another destiny/battlefront/etc chore machine.

Well I mean Bill Gates has to make another few billion off this so he can donate 100k to a puppy charity and have everyone blow smoke up his hole for being so generous

Lets not forget that if you dont complete your challenge mandates, you get no customization at all!!


The playerbase is already actively departing.
Its been a chunky drop on steam alone from 250k to 140k, altough its the time where people tend to have more free time due holidays in the us.

I want Infinite to shine but this is painful if the course doesnt change drastically with mentioned quotes tackled. I mean the big fish of customers of shop fomo is already capitalized imo.

Why not change it to a more player-first like approach where spending is additional and something you do to support, not to feel integrated (think of hextech crafting in leauge or earnable premium currency called gemstones in gw2 )

What a shame, this could’ve been so much better.
They could’ve at least made monetization better, it’s even worse than the others major F2P games., besides the non expiring battlepass, this isn’t better than those games.

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