delusional accusation of cheating

Today some guy cussed me out and said he would be filing a complaint and submitting a video of me “cheating” with some assault rifle mod or something. After watching the film, I only killed him once with the assault rifle and was dead on him while he was running at me. I then watched the film from his perspective and he seemed laggy/glitchy. Was this due to me watching someone other than myself in theater? Or is this possibly why this delusional fellow thinks I cheated, God knows how. I reported him for verbal abuse. He said he was submitting a video. I would like to as well, where can I send it?

Some just have videogame rage tendencies. Many factors such as lag or ping can mess with gameplay. I’m not even sure if microsoft/343 has a video submission area for cheaters,but your fileshare is a good place to submit a video. By the way, do not mention names.

1 Take off name, before thread gets locked.
2 Lag is a Yoink!, I lost many games because one guy hits the air, then teleports to me and hits me with the same hit.

Thanks for the heads up. I put it in my fileshare in case I need proof. Guess I’ll just sit on it for now.

I wouldn’t worry about it at all. There is almost no chance that you will ever meet up with this guy ever again.

I’ve had people report me for similar causes (lag). You’ll be okay.

A friend I was playing with got a message from someone saying that I was a hacker (probably too scared to send it to me himself). But I didn’t even confront or kill him that match.

People are just stupid.