delta force recruiting

hello this is superiorhawk leader of the delta force airforce branch im recruiting becaus this is the new branch of the clan. if you would like to join send a friend request to SuperiorHawk (me) with a voice message stating that you have a mike and you are over the age of 14 with a gold membership you will be accepted and as soon as i invite you to a game you must join of you will be declined and your friend request deleted. (if you have a good reason for not joining there may be a compromise). our clan leader will be adressed by illusion jj or sir(preferably sir when we are recruiting you)

we do a thing called drills this is basicaly to how well you call recive and execute orders this is to make you better at acting in youtube videos. the first few people will recive a raise in rank right off the bat.

some ways you can rank up are making clan maps in forge(that are good!)and basicaly spending time and being kind to the leader of this brach not illusion, jj, sir. upon entry to the clan we will give you your new emblem and armour colour this is required if you dont do this you will be removed from the clan.

thank you and hope to talk with you soon!