Deleting saved data on one of the save slots

<ul class=“message-list”><li data-date-created=“2019-11-04T07:51:41Z” data-message-id=“103402239”>How do I delete saved data on the 3rd save slot?[/li]<li data-date-created=“2019-11-04T07:51:41Z” data-message-id=“103402239”>I saved progress on the 3rd save slot by accident. While I have an earlier save on the first save slot, I want to delete the saved data on the 3rd save slot so I can save my current saved file on the 1st save slot.[/li]<li data-date-created=“2019-11-04T07:52:55Z” data-message-id=“103402320”>Is there a way to delete the temporary saved file without deleting my original saved data?
[/li]<li data-date-created=“2019-11-04T07:53:17Z” data-message-id=“103402352”>So that I won’t lose all of my progress?

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