Deleting games off of my recent games list

Can someone help me with this if it can be done i would like it to be because it really sucks having bad days on halo and have those horrible games in my history​:rage::triumph::imp:

You can’t delete games from your game history.

> You can’t delete games from your game history.


So yeah…if you have recent games (and I mean bad ones), you can’t delete them. Believe me, I sometimes wish we could do that, b/c its like one of those “painful reminders”, lol.

I wouldn’t worry about it. We all have bad games. And not to mean, because this applies to all of us: no one really cares. So shrug it off as a bad day. Hell, my first several months at this game were terrible (until the update)

Don’t worry about them. Let them be the reminder that we can always improve. Look at them and say, ‘I have been on the losing side. I don’t like it, I want to do better’. Let it strengthen your conviction.