What TV was it?

It’s a Samsung Smart TV. I have one too. Great for gaming.

I’ve seen these tvs at Walmart. I watched The Dark World for about 5 minutes on it and it looked pretty awesome with the increased framerate. So games should look extraordinary.

Can’t wait to experience it myself.

I’ll have to give this a bash on my TV (Samsung Smart TV).

I would assume that there is an inherent screen lag that is native to that technology but I would be curious to know if it is noticeable.

Agreed with Album up there.

I hope you aren’t trading that feature for a whole lot of input lag, or you may as well forget about using it.

Hmmm that is an interesting feature. Sounds like it is similar to 60iFPS. Just imagine it being in progressive 60fps.

While interesting I doubt the final is going to look like that since its likely cheating its way to 60fps in way.

Makes me excited for Halo MCC and 5.

> Makes me excited for Halo MCC and 5.

Me too. :slight_smile:

I’ll bet it’ll look even better at native 60fps.


I find the fact that it’s ‘the same as any other TV’ a little hard to believe, given just how much of a difference you can see in the input delays of different TVs.

Oh well. If you’re happy or you don’t notice, sounds good.