Do you people even read the bulletins? There last bulletin(12-12-12)said they will be on brake for a month until next week.

Vaction,as if, New Years,one week at least, Infinity Challenge,they can at least post it for stuff besides the matchmaking update,

theyve been on vacation, theyre back I believe and the bulletin is coming next week.

To directly quote bs angel from another thread.

> In the 12.12.12 Bulletin, we shared it was the last one until January. Now that January is here (yay!), we’ll be picking them back up. Next week’s installment will not contain information about our upcoming Title Update, though. Like the previous TU, we’ll share a complete change list once it has been released, in order to not spread information about glitches and exploits that are live in Matchmaking (we don’t want them abused any more than they already might be). Please know we monitor the forums closely, though, so feel free to post your feedback in this or any other thread.



OP must be trolling. No one would complain that the bulletin hasn’t been out for a month since the bulletin explained why its not going to be out.