The frame are for the One seems to be the biggest issue. The textures at the beginning of your video make it look like the texture are also worse. Hopefully we will stop seeing people trying to pin it on us just not remembering the game.


It’s worth looking at. It almost feels like when running on the X1 it is in perma-splitscreen mode.

Hopefully any issues get worked out. I trust it will run smoothly in time. Will be trying it out very soon for myself. Cool of you to do a video!


Thanks for the video. Haven’t played much yet (played a few minutes and quickly decided to wait until performance issues are smoothed out), but I had heard about the texture difference… Looks even worse than I’d feared in some places. Pretty darn disappointing, really takes away from the atmosphere.

not a reach fan, but I gotta say… you made a really fascinating video man. good work

To me the biggest thing is that I don’t get these random times when my game froze 3-4 times in a row for couple seconds when playing reach on my 360.
I prefer it on One.

Interesting video.
Doesn’t seem so problematic at all.

I’m not terribly concerned with the graphical differences… its the framerate.

tried a direct system link with my one and 360… on my one I felt like I was getting lag-switch killed over and over again.

And that actually is problematic.
Enough reason for me to not buy a XBox One yet.
I like to enjoy my Reach properly :slight_smile:

I hope they fix this. I enjoy Halo 5 and Reach so much but Halo 5 is just lacking a lot of cool things.