Deleted Halo 4 specializations message

I just received my message through xbox live containing my code for halo 4. Since i could not see the bottom of the email I hit start and it instantly deleted everything I had been waiting for for two weeks. Is there anything that i can do to get my mail back?

I have a spare I’m willing to trade for some ingame armor codes. :o

I would like a solution on how to get my mail back.

Ya I had that happen to but it didn’t give me an option to redeem it either

Apparently we are supposed to write the code down, then enter it. There appears to be no recently deleted section either… why would you design a messaging system like that?

the code was in the message at the bottom of it. as for regretting it I don’t think you can recover it and I highly doubt they’ll resend it.

Incredible. No point in even complaining about this poorly designed garbage