Deleted Data

Well, I just loaded up the game and it brought me to the gender screen. I went through all the steps and noticed my character has changed back to default, my logo, and my campaign is all erased…online stuff is this there and all my campaign records are still on my service record…wtf???

Same thing happened to me, too. I’m assuming it’s a server reset or something.

It does occur to me that I’ll have to speedrun through the Campaign again if any Campaign challenges come up if I want to play Reach. Thank god for Tyrant LASO guides.

The whole thing is messed up…when I look at my profile on this site, everything is normal. It even shows my logo the way it was…I had to change my logo on the game and my armor and colors. No credits, armor, and records were lost at all…the only data that was lost was the campaign, but my service record still shows that I beat it. I have all the achievements too…it’s almost like the local data got corrupt. I just don’t understand why all records and everything stayed, but not the campaign levels…I wonder what would have happened if I signed in on another xbox if armor and colors would be correct or not…

Recover your profile to your Xbox as soon as you can. If you’re quick enough, you’ll get your data back. If not, you’re stuck with the semi-erased data you have right now.