DELETE CEA save data

So the achievements for half the terminals and half the skulls found didn’t unlock on my profile and its bugging me. So i thought i would just delete my save data and do the first 6 levels on easy. Should be a breeze right?

Turns out i have no idea how to delete my save data. I went into memory and cleared everything that had to do with Halo CEA and nothing worked. It still showed all my progress in levels, skulls, and terminals.

If anybody has an idea of how to delete my data and start over it would be great to hear it! thanks

have you attempted to retry the achievements but on a harder difficulty and have you fully completed the level. this also bugged me but what I didnt realize was I had to finish the entire level

I have finished the game and gotten the achievements for all the skulls and terminals. I have beaten the game on legendary and collected the skulls when i did that. Once you pick up the skull it disappears from the game regardless of difficulty.

I am really at a loss of what to do.

Try and clear your cache.

> Try and clear your cache.

this guy!

I have the same problem. The skulls taken achievement didn’t unlock for me. I went looking for the skulls again, but as you say once collected they are gone forever.

I deleted my game save data and cleared the cache, but when i loaded the game again all my progress was still there.

The only conclusion i can come to is that the game save data must be saved to your profile, so unless you create another one i don’t see how these achievements can ever be tried again!

nothing is working.

Deleted data, deleted cache, deleted updates, deleted DLC, everything was off my xbox.

After that i proceeded to disconnect my xbox from the internet and all the data was still there!

Any other ideas? i really want these achievements haha

oh i also deleted halo waypoint because i thought the data may have been tied into that.

no dice though

I’ve recently encountered this problem myself and would love any help on the issue.