Delaying Co-op & Forge again is ridiculous

Hi 343,

In my opinion you severally hurt the potential of the game yet again. I cannot understate how frustrated I am right now. If releasing the multiplayer early is your explanation for the further delay, you shouldn’t have released the multiplayer early. It was already bad enough that Forge and Co-op was delayed, but to do it again, is just ridiculous. I understand you want a polished product, I do too. You have a solid game so far in so many ways, but delaying Forge and Co-op shouldn’t be the answer.

Things need to be worked on. As it sits the multiplayer wasn’t finished in my opinion, as the progression system is the worst I have ever seen in my 20 plus years of gaming. That being said Co-op and Forge didn’t need to be delayed from what i’m collecting. I’m canceling my collectors edition pre-order now. Please start following through with what you say you’re going to do, your word should mean something.

I hope this helps in some manner 343, I’m trying to believe in you, please stop letting me down, you got this!


Live service games all have these issues. Features are always cut out and put in at a later date to keep people coming back to the game. This is why I dislike the live service route. What you once got in the one complete package is now drip fed to you via small content updates over long periods of inactivity.

This is looking to be worse then what happened with Halo 5. Atleast Halo 5 launched with Coop…


I can get the frustration, but canceling your collector’s edition pre-order…maybe a bit too hasty. Although I would like more clarity on the specifics on why it was delayed a couple more months. I do trust Joseph Staten when it comes to Halo, but I would like to know who’s making all these decisions like the battle pass and the delays.


This approach is much better in my opinion.

MCC was a rough release with all the features, and it struggled to function. They are releasing elements that are ready. The elements that are ready are always going to need tweaking after release.

This is an adaptation to the digital world many need to embrace, these are more and more complex games they are releasing!

Don’t be rash, Halo will deliver!

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I hope you mean multiplayer wise and not the entire game in general, because Halo infinite is 100 times better story wise and art style compared to H5 so far. Halo 4 had a decent campaign (some flaws, but it was okay) and had a terrible multiplayer. Halo 5 was just the opposite, terrible campaign and good multiplayer/forge (but it did have thrust and ground pound, so still not that good compared to previous Halo titles). Both had terrible art styles if you’re going for the Halo look, but Infinite…I think they nailed it so far.

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I’m talking ‘feature’ wise.

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Agreed, they need to pull the beta and go back to the drawing board. Launch a complete game, not this.

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