Delay on Dominion Initial Weapon Spawns?

For anyone who has played Dominion (The best game type ever imo)you’re familiar with static power weapon spawns. However it can get extremely annoying when rocket launchers spawn at the very start, very close to the spawns of certain teams.

The most noticeable instance is Blue Team on Exile, where they spawn with a major advantage against red team. First they spawn with a ramp leading up to B, where Red has to hop up boxes. Secondly, Blue Team spawns with a ROCKET LAUNCHER about 10 feet from them, where Red Team has no weapon. This leads to Blue Team almost ALWAYS securing B due to easier movement to the objective, and the power weapon that excells at clearing objectives and groups of people that is literally handed to them at the start.

So 343, please make a 30 second delay for the weapons on map to spawn in, so that the first bases can be capped without the First Strike being handed out to a triple rocket kill. Or at least balance the spawning.