Delay in Shots

Excuse me if i cant write this in the best way possible, english is not my primary language but ill try my besto to make myself clear, i love halo games but halo 5 is a little hard to love, i have aiming issues before the last update when we got big team battle and the forge additoins im having no problem at all and i was playing the game fine but now after the update i have aiming issues like the aim is slow and sometime i have delay in my shots and even lag every other match, i try the sensitivity and change the controller type and nothing, i dont think my internet is the problem i have 100 mb donwload and 100 mb upload it’s so frustrating that im thinking stop playing halo 5 because im becoming a dead weight for the team i end up playing with.

Hey Maverick Port.

What region are you playing in?

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> Hey Maverick Port.
> What region are you playing i

Im in Mexico City