Deja Vu or Endure Right Now !!

if someone can help me or need help with the Deja Vu or Endure Achievements send me a message on xbox live.
GT: TexturedQuill83
mic: Yes
TimeZone +1 (Norway)
My time right now

Men hello there, er svensk, med mickrofon og behov Endure achievementet(kan hjelpe med både), hvis du fortsatt så legge meg på Xbox.
GT: Barbeque mannen

(snakker svensk, men det er neppe noen skildrer land mellom språk)

yeah I have sent a request :slight_smile:
do you have any frineds that also need it or can help ?

Let’s keep it in English (for me, my Norwegian ain’t any well):

Yeah I have atleast one friend, don’t know if he’s up for it though, it was 43-44 days ago he played H3 ODST, but he has a beacon on the game, so I reckon he wants to take it, with him we are 3, do you have any friends?

I need some help on this later today… at (22:00 Norwegian time )
here is a link to what the time is in norway right now:

so if you want to join just send me a message on xbox live. <- info in the first post.

sorry but I dident have time the other day… so if anyone wants thay can join me today at 14:15 Norwegian time Link:
just reply here or send me a message on xbox live if you want to join :slight_smile:

I am going to play later to day… Så if anyone want to join send me a message on xbox.

I need to get 3 more player to help me out on getting the achievement send me invite message to my GT: John Leonidas

P.S have a nice day halo fan. :slight_smile: