Defy the Wave

If you haven’t heard of the Japanese Earthquake, you probably live under a rock.

Japan is in a horrible state right now between the damage from the quake, tsunami, and a possible nuclear meltdown. In the past, Bungie helped New Orleans in fight the flood, and Hati in Be a Hero. Thats why im bringing forth a new Idea: Defy the Wave.

Every (x) amount of wave completed in firefight matchmaking, Bungie donates (y). The exact amounts are up to Bungie. (y) is doubled if (x) amount of matches are on Unearthed. The exact amounts are up to Bungie. Also give a percentage of Bungie store profits to Japan, and have limited edition T-Shirt, Hats, etc that Bungie donates all profits from to Japan.

Bungie could easily come up with enough money to make a little bit of an impact on Japan. Who is with me in saying: Defy the Wave.

It is an awsome idea bro but you would have to post this on not 343i forums. OR request 343i does the same thing. It is a very good idea though truly!

Love the idea man, but this isn’t Bungie. Either way, I’m happy to be a part and help out :slight_smile: I really do hope this happens, good thinking!

Thanks for posting this here. I came up with the idea, and was spreading it around Im hoping 343 may be feeling generous.

If you want to help support it on, post here:

yeah I told you on your thread, DEFY THE WAVE!

I hear Bungie is thinking up some ways to help. Hopefully they’ll release some news about their plans very soon.

thats good.

REACH out and help Japan!