Definitive Vehicle feedback

Banshee: Armor way too low, Too easy to get killed bumping into obstacles and getting a few shots from AR. Should take less damage from collisions due to the crazy speed it has. Banshee Bomb needs to kill in 1 shot.

Wraith: Mortar looks too wimpy. Needs more blast radius. Too easy to accidentally get in gunner seat

Scorpion: Feels underwhelming in the current sandbox & map design. Too easy to accidentally get in gunner seat

Brute Chopper: Not enough health, too easy to flip, needs more acceleration so bumping into an obstacle won’t take 5 seconds to speed back up

Gungoose: Waste of space in the sandbox, instant disappointment when I see my ordinance dropping one

Warthog: Needs more durability due to the quantity of power weapons everywhere

Rocket Hog: Rockets look too wimpy. Needs more blast radius

Ghost: Destroyed ghost does not actually look destroyed. This confused many players

Wasp, Mongoose, Razorback: Perfect in my opinion

My challenges are around some of the vehicles are how easy they are to flip. It seems like the weight of the warthog is so light hitting a small slope with a single wheel is going to cause it to flip. Again very early into the beta and learning the maps and getting used to the handling of some of the vehicles but it feels way more challenging to keep a vehicle upright vs them being combat effective