Definitive Edition Physical Copy Play Anywhere

I bought the Halo Wars 2 UE from Gamestop and got my code for DE. Its all downloaded on my Xbox One. How do I get it’s “Play Anywhere” version for my Windows 10 PC?? I cant seem to find how to get it on my PC. Ive looked all over the internet and everything says the physical copy feature Halo Wars DE “which supports Play Anywhere”.

Will this be released later or am I just not finding it on my PC correctly?

I bought the physical copy of the Ultimate Edition too. What Microsoft don’t tell you is that the “Play Anywhere” thing only applies to digital copies. I really hate this because everywhere it’s promoted as an “Xbox Play Anywhere” title, but fails to mention that it’s only for digital versions. I’m gonna complain to GAME and Microsoft about this because it’s been incorrectly promoted, I suggest you do the same.

Yeah I fell into this trap too! Sucks! Was looking forward to being able to play it on both. :frowning: