Definitions - What does collision mean in H5 Forge

Working on my first forge map, but getting lost in lots of the little details and what it means. My search’s usually come up with no answers or solutions.

Today, noticed my collision is at 50%. What does that mean, is it bad… good. Neither ?
I’ve noticed one of the one-way shields on the front of a building I have doesn’t respawn like it’s supposed to after it’s broken. I have a few other shields on the map, and no issues with them.

Also, looking for some tips on how to best position respawn points and general balanced weapon placement. Again, my search for these topics have come up empty.

Oh, while I’m here. The newest update sees a return to classic skull carrying oddball and I dropped one into my map. But when you load (343) oddball, you can carry the ball… but you never score points. Any tutorials on how to set up oddball ?
Oh yeah, and … how come when I rename my map, it reverts back to the old name even though I’ve selected save.
Generally, there’s just lots of basic tutorials or related content missing from 343 on how stuff works.

My map here for anyone interested in testing it out and giving general feedback. I just wanted it to be fun.

Using forge on the xbox, not windows ten.

Well, it looks like the team over at ForgeHub are on the job. I got a speedy reply there. Anyone also having the same question, an answer can be found here.