Why am I not seeing a Defiant specific playlist like we have for noble? Are you telling me I have to go through and play all of my old maps in some random hope that I get a defiant map in matchmaking? I love Reach, but I dislike the matchmaking when compared to Black Ops, as it is slow and forces you to stay in a room once the map vote comes up, making my current problem even worse. So if I just want to check out the new maps I have to go run around them by myself, shooting at walls? Seriously frustrating. If there is a specific map list I am not seeing it and it needs to be more obvious.

Patience, young one, patience.

Defiant Playlist will go live later tonight.

Playlist update hasnt happened yet. Be patient.

you have to create a custom game with your friends and you can play them before they go into matchmaking…

Even if you spend most of your forum time at the Waypoint forums, it’s always a good idea to check out the Bungie Weekly Update.


The Defiant Map Pack playlist will go live as soon as possible on the 15th. This playlist will feature Highlands and Condemned (including the Uplink map variant of Condemned), as well as Tempest and Breakpoint. The team configurations will be identical to the Noble Map Pack, two teams of 5-6 players each. ](

Dude y dont u just search on Google? this forums just gunna be the same as, flood with the topics with more random threads >.>