Defiant & Multiplayer Achievement Boost

Looking to boost for any Reach’s Multiplayer achievements
I have 4 spare controllers for guests.
Send my a friend request if you are interested I’m trying for a party of 10.
My G.T. is : LUCKY GREEN23

I’ll be on for ages so it’s never too late to ask.


What time zone? Ill probably be on later today and i have 3 controllers leaving 2 for guests. Tag: Spinning Saber

I have 1 more achievement for this game. I have to run over 5 people on an Anniversary map. I have 4 controllers and a mic. I heard it’s easiest to just play 8 people on the sniper playlist for this one. Send a message my way whenever you’re ready to go. Gamertag: II The Chez II

I’m down for this i have 3 game pads.

I need;

You Ate All the Chips, Offensive Driver, Return to Sender, Crackin’ Skulls, Candy from a Baby

Anniversary: Emergency Room, Dive Bomber, Bounty Hunter, From Hell’s Heart

All of these achievements can be obtained by me WITHOUT the Defiant and Noble Map Packs. I only have the Anniversary map pack, but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me get the DLC achievements that DON’T require me to get the DLC.

I don’t want to pay for DLC that I never get to play on.

Add me, my GT: ferdy77u and want unlock “emergency room”, from anniversary dlc. I have 2 controllers and a headset.