Defiant Map Pack

Okay so to be one of many threads I just saw the trailer for the defiant map pack.

So like most of us on halo waypoint I shall post my opinion.

Unearthed: Judging by the trailer it looks to be rather large which will be great for firefight lots of places to get to cover oh and obviously kick major covenant butt at the same time.

Condemned: To me it looks like a what if orbital from halo 3 fused with anchor 9 from the noble map pack but I do like the look and from what I got from the trailer the background very suits my tastes.

Highlands: When I saw the environment and those two covenant cruisers in the background I instantly thought to myself “this is the map for me” I can see myself getting some good screen shots on that map.

So from what I got from the trailer I can certainly say that the defiant map pack will be a welcome edition to the halo community.

thanks for reading

Paul515storm =)