Defiant Map Pack Review.

Let’s see!

Probably one of the most beautiful and fun Halo maps I have ever played. I played a good 3 rounds on that map.
The coolest part of the map though, it has to be the zero-g core. I think I spent more time in that part than any other part of the map. I don’t know why, but it seems to be the most fun to play in a zero-g environment. Luckily for us that makes two space stations to play on Reach. Other than that, general gameplay is top notch, and I generally have no complaints about this map. The only complaint is that on a neutral gametype, it makes it too easy to camp in spots. That’s generally all.

Good lord, I got excited by this map. Straight out of “Halo: The Fall of Reach” by Eric Nylund. Spartan training facility, not so much. I mean, sure, it’s got everything that it had stated in the book, but, it just didn’t live up to the hype that I wanted out of a map. Don’t get me wrong, gameplay is amazing on this just like Condemned. I just visualized the map to be a bit bigger. Playing BTB on this map is the best thing I think I’ve ever played on Halo: Reach. SO. MUCH. CARNAGE. Thanks to 343i & CA for this awesome map.

This firefight map has probably been the most fun I’ve played on Firefight. I’ve usually found firefight extremely boring on Halo: Reach, but this seemed to relieve that with this fun map. Of course, me and my friend Blinding just seemed to -Yoink!- the rocket hog. But, who cares. It’s like Lost Platoon. This is the most fun evar. Everrrrrrrr.

All in all:
9/10. No, I’m not kissing -Yoink-. :3

343i and Certain Affinity, you guys are the best.
Good job on this map pack, and thanks for replying to me on twitter. A lot.

I haven’t played the multiplayer maps yet online with other people, I’ve just checked them out with xPwnage360a and I have to say… they are some of the best MP maps since Halo 2, which is my favorite game in terms of multiplayer maps. It’s creative, it’s original and it’s, more importantly, fun.

Unearthed, on the other hand, is lots of fun. Vehicle fun along with multi-platform goodness = awesomeness :smiley:

i agree with you 100% :slight_smile: they did great!! the sky boxes are amazing and although the water on Highlands is a bit choppy it still plays amazing and that sky makes up for it <3

9/10 indeed!

I have played a MM game on Condenmed yet, just floated around in Forge. Looks like a fun map.

Played a game on Unearthed. It was pretty fun even for score attack. Certainly more interesting with more people.

Played a game on Highlands. It’s way too big for just 6 v 6. The middle of the map was also a vacuum. Everybody seems to stay to the outside buildings so the middle seems like a waste of space.

Graphically, Highlands doesn’t seem as polished. The BTS scenes trailer made it look awesome, but actually being the map was less impressive.

More aliasing that I was expecting.

I don’t regret my purchase, but was seriously hoping for more.