Defiant Map Pack Key Giveaway Poll

Raise your hands if they should just do another 50 key dump on the forums instead of 2 keys every hour on the twitter. The keys on the twitter disappear within 5 seconds of posting them (Not joking). At this rate, none of us who have been waiting since the first key giveaway would even get a chance to snag one. Top of that, I am starting to think there might be trolls trying to snag them to make other people’s chances drop.

A 50 key dump would be more effective because not only will it give people proper chances to get a key, but it’ll also slow some of them kids down that seem to have godly hands and speed snagging those keys so damn fast. I have twitter on mobile notification when Waypoint posts the keys, and I’ve had to wake up nearly 5 times to try and snag a key and even when I type in a key and get it correct the first time within the first 15 seconds of the posting, they are already gone.

2 Keys every hour when the keys just disappear within 5 seconds after being released just does not seem fair to most of the people who have been waiting. Hell, if y’all want to make it like a contest for “First Come First Serve”, then at least do a 10-25 key dump instead of a 50 key dump if you feel the need to. 2 keys every hour is just too slow, and inefficient for most of the community.

So, if any of you agree; just raise your hand or type “I Agree!” on your reply and lets hope and Admin doesn’t close this topic and takes in the suggestion for consideration. If you don’t agree, just type “I Disagree!” in your reply.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is going to be locked, as all Defiant map pack questions etc are to be in one forum

This may be locked, but a solid “I Agree.”

This might be locked soon, but this will be locked soon