Defiant Map Pack is defying my Xbox

I pose this question to anyone that can help me. Hopefully 343 will see this and give me some help because Microsoft support hasn’t helped me a smidgen. On to the predicament:

  1. I purchase and download the Defiant Map Pack onto my 12GB HDD
  2. Never play DMP due to work, but wanted to have the maps
  3. Brother buys larger HDD, all saves and downloads transferred to new HDD
  4. Halo: CEA comes out and I begin to play videogames again, I now have anniversary maps
  5. Get kicked out of games because “player does not load content”
  6. Cannot load any Defiant maps in custom games or the Forge
  7. Delete DMP, redownload… to no avail.
  8. Updated my license transfers… to no avail.

I cannot access the DMP for the life of me. I have tried everything Microsoft support has proposed. Nothing seems to work. My brother (who’s gamertag is also stored on the new HDD) can play these maps no problem. Custom games, forge, matchmaking, he is not hindered at all. As soon as I sign in to my gamertag (citizenE2ASED) the maps become unavailable. They are obviously sitting in my purchase history in the xbox dashboard. I can play Noble and Anniversary maps without a problem.

I understand xbox live downloadable content is normally dealt with via microsoft but like I said everything they told me to do I’ve tried but with no positive solution. This is why I pose my problem to 343i. Maybe this is an internal game issue? Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?

Thanks in advance

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Is there a way I can submit this directly to 343i?

If you have bungie pro, go to the Dashboard and delete something from your hard drive called ‘Bungie Pro Confirmation’.

It should fix it.

I had Bungie Pro on Halo 3 but never renewed for Reach. Do you think the problem could be related if it dates as far back as the final days of Halo 3?

That is a weird problem.