Defiant Map: 'Comdemed' is Cairo Station

I have some good solid reasons why I believe the Defiant map: ‘Condemed’ is Cairo Station.

  1. There are two main windows which give you a bit of a view on this map. The one with the locked door is the one you should be looking out for this reason. You will see an outer rim, just like the type Cairo Station has.
  2. At the other window, you will see a doomed planet people know as Reach. I believe it is Earth.
  3. There are multiple screens throughout the map that show a hologram of what most people would think is Halo, but there is a particular screen to look at. (This screen is near the window showing the doomed planet) On the screen it says: “Ship Damage Report” And it will have a hologram of a ship with an outer rim, just like Cairo.
  4. Finally there is my biggest reason for beliving this map is Cairo Station. In the area ‘Tram Station’ you will find a tram hanging from the roof. But this tram is not just a tram… It looks exactly like the tram Master Chief and Sgt. Johnson are in at the start of Halo 2!

If anyone else has thought this, I would be happy to know about any other clues that may prove it’s Cairo Station. For anyone with the Defiant Map Pack who hasn’t stumbled upon this, I recommend you have a look. Im almost 90% sure that it is Cairo Station.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but they gave a backstory to this map. It isn’t Cairo Station.

Well, until I see the backstory I still keep my belief. And Im searching the backstory right now.

cairo station was above earth not Reach


Cairo Station = Earth

Condemned = Reach


I’m sure he means in terms of resemblance? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your back story good sir.

> cairo station was above earth not Reach


Although playing some Halo 2 tonight did bear resemblance to Condemned. But Cairo station is much more intricate and large.

I have watched the back story video for condemned, and I have now realised that It is not Cairo Station, It’s Gamma Station. But for those of you who said Cairo was above Earth not Reach, read my entire post. Because I clearly stated that The doomed planet could possibly be Reach. However, the resmblence between the stations is quite big. I have also heard that apperently there is a Master Chief Easter Egg on one of the defiant maps, and there’s heaps more.

It could be Xylophone Station for all I care.

But yeah, it couldn’t be Cairo, that was above Earth. Unless someone accidentally leant on the hyperspeed button and rocketed the station to Reach. Unlikely, but if that happened, the person responsible would have been launched out of the trash compactor.

i dont think so