Defiant - Known Issues

Currently, and I know I’m not alone, there are perhaps a few issues regarding the Halo:Reach Defiant Map pack (for those lucky few out there with it early). Remember that this is only affecting people currently and may simply be a result of some pre-day errors. Tomorrow, it may resolve itself.

Known Issues:
-Download Reaches 99% and fails
To remedy this, some people have managed to delete the failed Defiant content, delete the Noble Map Pack content, and Legendary Edition content (or similar combos) and then re-added the content via the Download Queue system on This works but seems to spark the next issue:

-Download goes from 400MB to near 700MB
Unknown why this occurs but it seems to then work. So, if you’re having issues, this may work. I’d like to see if anyone over at 343 perhaps has a remedy or update on when it will be resolved (hopefully by tomorrow).

If you have any other potential remedies / issues, feel free to post them and try to be as detailed as possible so we may assist in fixing the current problems.

hey Raven :3

Thanks for giving the info to people in 343, have you already told the people back at

> hey Raven :3
> Thanks for giving the info to people in 343, have you already told the people back at

Being that this map pack was designed by Certain Affinity and is being released solely by 343 Industries, I felt it was better to post it here first and see what response is gained. Though a duplicate thread may be prudent on the Forums in the future should there be any issues going ahead.

I seem to have a new issue. I can play the maps by myself, but I can’t get into a custom game with any friends. If I join them it says I failed to load content, if they join me, it says they failed to load content.

They load just fine and I can run around in them on my own… it’s just when other people get involved.

sigh =(

Hopefully these are issues that will be fixed with the release of the DMP tomorrow. I bet the problems are associated with it being “early access”.

Here’s how to fix any problems you have with the map pack. Hope this helps.

Nice job on spreading the word guys.

Map Props to Homeboy for cross referencing all the threads.

Thanks for taking the time to do this :slight_smile: