Defiant achievements still impossible

I typically try and not be one of those people who are like “YOU CHANGED THINGS I HATE THIS”. I’ve only played 7 games so far of the January update, so I don’t have a full on opinion of everything yet.

However, I am one of those guys who likes to 100% the Halo games (bar Halo Wars :() and I was looking forward to finally getting the chance to play some Defiant maps and get the 3 achievements I am missing.

So, the DLC playlist is Slayer only. That rules out “Don’t Touch That!”. It also makes “Paper Beats Rock” pretty difficult compared to an FFA match. Living Dead was meant to have a weight bump for Condemned/Uplink but all my 7 games is Living Dead for the “All Alone” achievement and it’s never shown up as a choice.

Quite irritated as I have achievements I can’t get and maps I can’t seem to play. Am I alone in this? Did nobody buy this map pack? Either way, something seems wrong with this one map pack. Don’t get me wrong, Nobel maps are also rare but the fact I can’t 100% the game is more annoying.

I strongly recommend you retool your DLC playlist to encompass as many game types as possible. That or create a “7 on 7th” style playlist from Halo 3 that was designed for achievements.

I suggest having Defiant maps with AL be no. 1 on the list, or having a weekend playlist designed for each achievement, kind of like Halo 3.