Defense of the Spartans- Now recruiting

Hey All!

I would love it if some people would join my clan, im looking for skilled players for my semi hardcore clan, no one under 14, and if you just left a clan due to the fact that you didnt see much of a future there, come join mine, and i will make sure that you get what your looking for. would love to have some officers to help me out when im not online, and what not. please come join, need to get this off the ground! thanks! and to apply please visit: http://defenceofthes…

Thanks again, and happy gaming!

You should post this in the Recruiting forum, instead of here. :slight_smile:

Oh thank you! i didnt see a recruiting page, also, i used to have that exact same emblem, diff colors, but still pretty cool! i changed it like an hour ago :stuck_out_tongue: