Defense first = guaranteed win (joint ops)

Defense is alot easier with the exception of a couple maps.

Defend win, attack lose, defend win, attack lose, win the game on defense.

Starting on offense is an instant L.
Just back out

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Who cares? It’s just a video game, you’re not getting paid for each win. It’s all about fun first and foremost, and there’s absolutely zero reasons to tryhard when A) there’s absolutely no reward at all, and B) you know well how the SBMM works and you’re basically getting bots in team, so just enjoy your own gameplay, if anything, just treat objectives as a decoy that lures your next victim.

I agree with OP., JointOps is flawed. It also should not be a required Gamemode for all challenges, even after it gets fixed. I hate this mode.

Unlike OneFlag where you only scored a point for a capture (which often can end in a 0/0 tie); JointOps also rewards a point for timeout (camping/goaltending). Not only does this promote lame gameplay, but it is unblaanced with the “first to 3” scoring.

Spamming Threat Sensors and hiding near the flag with a sword is not top tier gameplay, unless you want to get easy wins. 343 can do better than this, and should remove from weekly challenges.

Some potential ‘fixes’:

  • Stop rewarding timeouts a point, force players to only get points if they cap a flag.
  • Since there are no weapon pickups, replace drops with more grenades to discourage camping in a room.
  • Limit threat sensor use to 1 at a time, so a camper cannot tend multiple entrances alone.

This is definitely reversed for the map Behemoth. It’s too large for the game type which makes tracking camo players much more difficult than smaller maps. Whoever spawns offense first will likely win almost every time.