Defend a location on warzone

Am I the onlyone who thinks that it’s kind of BS to get a defense mission where you have to go across half the map to get to the location and within 3 seconds of the mission 3 or 4 squads of enemies are on top of it and by the time you get there the covenant have it down to half health or the prometheans have it down to 25% health

Defend the garage isnt that bad but defend the generators can be BS depending on the map, i notice it can be pretty great if you have a vehicle, they arent paying attention to you so easy splatters

True, I guess I’m in the old mindset of using the gun hogs or something that can shoot back instead of taking God awful fire, most times you can’t get anyone else to mount up on a scout hog

Yeah it’s bad. Pretty much my least favorite firefight scenario.

Yeah it’s kind of annoying but you do get a 30 second intermission. My advice is go to the middle of the map and wait for the next round. That way you have the best chance of getting there sooner.

Thanks, I’ll give thata try. I just hate how overpowered the prometheans are. It’s not just their bosses but basic troops are mainly bullet sponges