Default settings nauseating

I’ve been messing with the controller settings and I’m finding it hard to narrow them down in a way that I can play without being nauseous. I think it has to do with my joystick sensitivities. I’m looking to have the gameplay feel similar to halo 2. Does anyone have setting recommendations for that type of feel?

I play inverted button puncher and have played various halos with general look sensitivities from 0-10, and never have I been nauseous as a result. Not sure if others are experiencing anything similar.

As in actually nauseous? Are you sure your issue is not with screen shake and other on screen effects? I don’t feel look sensitivity is so drastically different from the other games as to induce nausea.

Yes definitely nausea. I saw someone else noticed that vertical and horizontal look sensitivity numbers are not necessarily equal and that a smoother feel could come out of putting vertical +1 to horizontal. But I’m open to try anything. Do you have a recommended setting change for screen shake / on screen effects I can adjust?

Update: I am doing 6 horizontal 8 vertical right now and it definitely feels smoother. I think +2 vertical is just slightly faster than horizontal, at 6 and 8 at least - I’m not sure if the scale is linear.

Try turning off the visual effects of camera movement. This nausea is usually more common than we think and is caused by sudden blur in camera movement.

try decreasing the acceleration as well, might help, also lowering FOV if you raised it might help. High FOV can cause nausea.