Default Maps Question

Am I in the minority when I say I think map design in this game is a little off? All the maps are beautiful and all, but the sight-lines and flow just seem…weird.
Solace and Adrift have great basic structure but for whatever reason there’s just…random stuff littered everywhere. You’d assume that it would all be for cover but people just tend to avoid it and so you tend to have a game where everyone runs in circles twitch-shooting the other team.
Complex, Exile, Longbow, Vortex and Meltdown have a similar issue - whether they’re asymmetric or symmetric the general map design is great but there’s just random rocks, boxes, ridges, etc. piled everywhere, and most corners and areas of the map are unexplored or have no use - which again leads to everyone running in circles and blasting each other.
The only default maps that I find decent are Abandon and Haven, but Haven is designed around good sight-lines and running in loops (much like old-school “Oh hey it’s a donut-shaped arena inside of a Covenant ship”) maps and Abandon’s only actual point of interest is the tower of power, which everything on the map leads to. Kind of like a cheap knock-off of another old school map we know and love.
The Forge/Community-made maps that show up in playlists are fantastic for the most part, even if they take some getting used to, since they follow the Halo tradition of thinking where you’re going instead of blindly walking about with your eyes peeled.
I can only hope that one day, in the distant future, where entertainment is valued over profit, that a Chosen One at 343 will decide that maybe we should add a lot more community maps into all the playlists.

TL;DR: Give us more community maps and focus less on looks and more on personality when it comes to map-making. We need Cartographers, not a sci-fi Bob Ross painting.