Default + 4 free helmets vs 18 behind a paywall - have 343 got the balance right?

So here’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. The game is FTP so it needs to generate money, that’s a given.

Personally, I bought the premium battle pass for £7.99 GBP as I thought that was fair (considering the game didn’t cost me anything).

However, I’m opposed to the store and it’s pricing structure.

I also thought the campaign should have granted more than just emblems and colours, I don’t think I’m being greedy in that.

So do you think 343 have got the balance right looking at what is completely free, what is in the premium battle pass and what is in the store? If not, should they change the balance between them for future seasons?

Share your thoughts.


Mk VII armor core

  • Cavallino - Default
  • Mk VII - Free battle pass
  • Trailblazer - Free battle pass

Yoroi armor core

  • Hikeshi - Free event pass
  • Yokai - Free event pass

Premium Battle Pass:

Mk VII armor core

  • Aviator

Mk V [B] armor core

  • Air Assault
  • Commando
  • EVA
  • EVA [C]
  • Grenadier
  • Mk V [B]
  • Mk VI
  • ODST
  • Recon
  • Scout


Mk VII armor core

  • Anubis - 2000 credits
  • Enigma - 1000 credits
  • ISR - 1000 credits
  • Soldier - 2000 credits
  • Zvezda - 2000 credits

Mk V [B] armor core

  • Hazop - 2000 credits

Yoroi armor core

  • Chonmage - 2000 credits

Yo. They put the Mark VII all the at the end of the pass.

Along with noble six’s armor coating and a few pieces of his armor. That sucks.

Mark Vb/Reach stuff makes sense for the BP, since y’know, it is the reach season, but a lot of mark VII is monetised, a huge majority of it, so no they don’t have the balance right.

Yoroi they added more onto post its first release event wise after messing up on its advertising.

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Yes, that’s true, hopefully the modified battlepass includes some new armor pieces. I guess we’ll find out later this month

it should minimum be 50/50 ideally it would be 80/20 with unlocks that you have to work for like beating the campaign LASO or finding all the skulls

343 have dropped alot of balls

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