Deeper Color Customization?

Now, I have no idea how coding works and what can generate lag, but I’ve been thinking that it probably wouldn’t require too much more to have deeper color customization. This could work by instead of just armor primary and secondary, there would be left shoulder, right shoulder, arms, legs, etc. etc, and “special” (such as the Gungnir Helmet faceplate thingy or the Commando shoulder stripe).

This could add a lot more variety without changing the fundamentals. Whatever happened to armor detail anyway?

On a side note, I think your emblem should not only by larger, but always visible (like in H3), unlike in Reach where half the time it’s covered by your chest piece.

Would this be a worthy addition to the game, or not worth 343’s time?
(obviously gameplay before this)

primary and secondary w/ color wheel i think would work fine

> primary and secondary w/ color wheel i think would work fine

Color Wheel, I’ll leave it at that.

Military camo’s like ODST’s have would be cool to.

Colour wheel and individual pieces.

It would be cool if you could add some sick designs on it and i hope they make it so you can see the emblem a lot better and possibly move it around… color wheel would be sick

Halo 4 should have a more in depth armor customization system than what has been seen in previous games; the entire feature should be completely remodeled and improved. The developers at 343i should go above and beyond to produce a armor customization system that allows for true individuality when creating a characters appearance. The team should throw in some awesome designs(e.g.flames,stripes,camouflage,etc.) that you can manipulate to your liking, give the players a broad selection of colors through the use of a color wheel, a nearly unlimited amount of armor variations, and last not but not least attachments that are predetermined by the developer. 343i should implement a layering system for the armor(max of 7 at least for the torso)that allows players to either unlock or buy through the use of credits. It should pertain to miscellaneous items such as attachments for the helmet torso, thigh and forearm areas of the armor. The attachments should have no affect within the game except to provide a visual identity that is unique to the player. Players should also be able to paint individual pieces of armor.

Rainbow Spartans running around?!

I think with each piece of armour you should be able to colour it. it would work just like
buying a attachment for a helmet also I think we should be able to make our Spartans camouflage and have a form of ghillie suit

Oh and there should be a colour wheel too

Thanks for the input!

A color wheel by itself would be fantastic, complete with brightness sliders. The only problems is that it might get annoying with an Xbox controller rather than a mouse.

Does anyone know if having the extra colors could cause lag? Gameplay over aesthetics of course, and Halo already has some of the best customization features to date, but there is a lot more that they could do with it.

I particularly like the ideas for ODST-ish camo and player-determined emblem locations. The player could move the emblem anywhere on the upper area of armor (maybe thigh pads too). Shape layering (like in Forza) would be really cool, but again I don’t know if it could be implemented well.

> primary and secondary w/ color wheel i think would work fine

Tri colors with a color wheel, hue wheel and a luster gauge (shininess).